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Da bockt der Bär

The start is clear for the great multi-field feasting! Blueberries, heads of cabbage, and ears of corn sweeten the way. The three animals of each team have one thing in common: the game figure! In no time at all, the bear turns into a mouse, and the mouse can become a billy goat just as quickly. Players try to cleverly interfere with their opponents’ transformation activities. And so, many a bear behaves like a goat while he is rambling around the burrows that serve the mice as a subterranean shortcut. Da bockt der Bär is a great children’s game for inseparable friends and animal adventurers.   Auteur: TREO Game Designers
TVA incluse, plus Frais d'expédition

Einer geht noch!

All clear for capsizing! On the high seas, all animals carry weight… and some might fall into the water. Who will manage to distribute his own 12 animals onto all boats so that they will be safe from any sea damage? Will things become easier if the lion literally feasts on the giraffe? Will the fox make an elephant out of a peacock? Or – with the greatest of ease – will not only the zebras finally face the sinking… uhm, setting… of the sun? Einer geht noch is a lightweight but wave-making card game.   Auteur: Paco Yanez
TVA incluse, plus Frais d'expédition

Flotter Otter

What a life for an otter! Smugglers constantly try to offload fake boxes onto the ships. But Otterdam’s harbor otter keeps watch like a lynx. By checking the waybills, he detects even the slightest discrepancies. Within seconds, every box is back in place where it belongs. Inspect. Detect. Stack. Win. A lightning-fast game for alert eyes and quick fingers.   Auteur: Daan Kreek
TVA incluse, plus Frais d'expédition

New Product

A slight point of your “snout” is enough to make the termite droves move onto the anteaters’ favorite hills. But which hill is particularly popular at the moment? The industrious termite gatherers can’t seem to agree on that. And so, many an anteater sticks his snout in a place where he wouldn’t like to be in the end. All this gets even worse because of the termites’ new nasal spray: pepper! Termite gatherers who get too much of that into their snout can, with one big “Achooooooo!”, blow laboriously built termite hills into the wind. “Rüssel raus!” (Snout out!). - a tingly game with an extra dose of spiciness!   Auteur: Matthias Prinz, Inka & Markus Brand
TVA incluse, plus Frais d'expédition
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