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Now all the aristocrats are in fear of losing their jewelry! A number of full-bearded bandits lie in wait to steal the coveted gemstones from high society's rich. But riches alone don't make for happiness: Whoever has amassed the most booty will be thrown into prison right away, so the second best thief will be the first!   Auteur: Antonin Boccara
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Leaves and nuts are hanging from the branches of the high-rising tumble-tree. Like squirrels do in nature, players take these leaves and nuts in autumn in order to stock up on supplies for the winter. On your turn, you open a hole in the forest ground and try to cause the nut to drop from the tree into that hole. Over the course of the game, the forest and meadow holes of the playing area turn from an autumn landscape into a winter scene. Now all squirrels show how well they remember where they hid their nuts. As the nuts are dug out, the snow on the playing area melts away more and more. By the end of the game, spring has come, visible to everybody.   Auteur: Harald Fecher, Thomas Liesching
TVA incluse, plus Frais d'expédition

Go Gecko Go

Everything is topsy-turvy at the big swimming competition. The frog paddles on top of the crocodile. And the turtle is a great raft for any gecko! But beware: There's a bridge ahead! Duck your head!!! … Otherwise…… Splat!!! If you aim too high, you'll splash into the water and fail. You'll end up ahead if you stack your animals cleverly, assess the heights correctly and thus slip under bridges where others hit their head. A clever and fast-paced three-dimensional playing experience, where especially the smallest ones show real greatness.   Auteur: Jürgen Adams
TVA incluse, plus Frais d'expédition
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