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Beasty Bar

Beasty Bar is a fun take that card game about party animals. The players play animal cards into a line. Each animal has special powers that can manipulate the cards’ order. Whenever there’s a total of five animals present at the end of a turn, the two animals up front get to party while the one animal at the rear has to go home. Whoever manages to send the most of their animals to the party wins.
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Beasty Bar - New Beasts in Town

Beasty Bar - New Beasts in Town is the first big follow-up release to the 2014 smash hit card game Beasty Bar. It can either be played by itself or in combination with the original game, as part of a challenging two-round draft. Twelve all-new beasties with exciting, novel special powers are lining up in front of the legendary bar. As before, it is imperative to stay at the front of the queue in order to be able to join the party.   Auteur: Stefan Kloß
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Tobago transports the players to a completely new island world of hidden treasures! The players own single tattered treasure card fragments that they reassemble to find out the secret location of the treasure. In doing so, the possible treasures places are narrowed down more and more until the place of discovery is determined. Whoever is the first to be there with his all-terrain vehicle digs up the treasure and distributes the gold pieces. But be careful, since some treasures are cursed. Happy is the one who thought of the protection amulet in time... With its innovative gameboard, Tobago provides the players up to 32 island worlds.   Auteur: Bruce Allen
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