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Ausser Rand & Band

The assembly line conveys robot heads, legs, and torsos in three colors. Players place dice on these components. Once a robot part leaves the line, the dice deposited on them also go tumbling down. This way, the assembly line determines by dice roll which player is entitled to the respective robotic body part. By using additional dice placed at the edge of the line, players can modify the line in order to gain advantages in the "production chain." The player who uses the "rolled-off-the-line" robot body parts to assemble as many robots as possible – and, if possible, of only one color – wins the game. Ausser Rand & Band is a super-light family game with a highly stimulative nature, unique equipment, and non-stop playing fun.
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Beasty Bar Born to be wild

The Beasty Bar game attracts more and more animals to the red carpet in front of the legendary bar. With Born to be Wild, it is the third time that twelve "beasts" show up there. The new animals add even more cunning feints, wild dynamics, comical situations, and finesse to the game. Following the well-known rules of Beasty Bar, all the animals of the "extended customer base" can be combined. Consequently, Born to be Wild can be played as a stand-alone game, but also together with all the other animals from the two previous Beasty Bar games.
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Menara - Rituals & Ruins

The expansion to the cooperative building game Menara has a lot to offer: spectacular temple floors, golden columns… and then there even are tears of the gods, trying to keep players from their collective success. The crew always takes on a scenario of its choice.
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Panic Island

Twenty-five cards are laid out face down in the middle of the table. Once the sand timer is turned over, players have two minutes. Taking turns, panicked players reveal two cards at a time. They try to discover pairs in order to detect inhabitants, rescue dodo birds and find dodos that bring their eggs to safety. In addition, they look for a raft and a paddle for the escape from the island. Whenever any obstacles come up, the player group loses precious seconds. The success of all players, who team up in this game, is measured by the total number of inhabitants, dodos, and eggs they have saved by the end.
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Voll verasselt

Barrel bugs, chatter bugs, rattle bugs, and water bugs hang out at the bug hub. With seven dice, at least four of which have to be rolled, everybody tries to get hold of as many critters as possible; even the dice that have not been rolled are included in the count. And if you like, you may, on your turn, pick the bugs that the previous player has caught. A clever and tactical selection of the dice and a great amount of thrill when it comes to risk assessment are the core elements of this particularly original and suspenseful dice game.
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