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When it’s your turn, you try to roll four identical numbers. However, if you throw three ravens, your turn is over and you only get a marble stone token. These "frustrations" cost you a good chunk of points in the end but can also be used to your advantage during the game. Pay them to reroll your dice or to force another player to reroll theirs. Worst/Best of all, everybody can also steal points from their favorite opponents.
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All trolls must follow the mountain spirit‘s call! First, the players use the modular movement track to get their trolls in position. They can then use the troll hammer to mine precious gems from the rock tower. While it is often smart to team up for these excavations an "uninvited teammate" is seldomly a good omen. In the end, if the players aren‘t cautious, a rock slide will quickly bury all of their ambitions.
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There are six wooden poles with six symbols each in the middle of the table. As soon as one player has rolled the dice, everybody grabs a pole. One die tells them what to grab, the others tell them how to grab it. Brains and reflexes go hand in hand. Grabbing late doesn‘t necessarily equal a bad round. The complexity of the game can be adjusted easily by choosing different combinations of dice. Action, sound, as well as interaction dice keep it fresh and fun for everyone.
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