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Dreams is a fantastic game of perception and intuition with 72 large cards, beautifully illustrated by eight different artists. Star by star, the players transfer one out of four possible images onto the night sky. However, there is a good chance that different players will emphasize different aspects of the picture in question. Also, there is one player who simply doesn’t know which one the real source image is but who tries to play along anyway. The right balance between keeping the imposter in the dark and not giving the regular players cause for suspicion has to be struck.   Review:
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There are six wooden poles with six symbols each in the middle of the table. As soon as one player has rolled the dice, everybody grabs a pole. One die tells them what to grab, the others tell them how to grab it. Brains and reflexes go hand in hand. Grabbing late doesn‘t necessarily equal a bad round. The complexity of the game can be adjusted easily by choosing different combinations of dice. Action, sound, as well as interaction dice keep it fresh and fun for everyone.
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